Why So Many Musician’s Relationships Fail

friggin-godsBeing a musician is difficult. It’s not easy. Especially if you are a well known musician who has acquired a deal of recognition and are recognized by the masses as someone who holds significance. Even in lesser circles, a personal musical capabilities separates them from others and makes them stand out as unique, artistic and talented individuals.

When it comes to relationships a Musician life can become complicated and complex. I’m not saying that it’s impossible to maintain a healthy relationship while working as a musician as it most certainly is. What I’m simply suggesting is that if you are well known and recognized, travel frequently, and are rarely in your home town to enjoy or create a family life with your significant other, the trouble can become quite bad.

Many musicians relationships fail because of this simple fact; they’re never home. They’re always out traveling and playing shows. And this creates a lot of tension at home when your significant other is incapable of traveling with you.

This is the struggle musicians have to deal with when it comes to relationships. And most of the time, only have the opportunity to see their spouse a few times a year.

This brings of the delicate question of whether or not a relationship should be pursued when a career choice of this caliber has taken over  and consumes a persons life. Unless their spouse is able to enjoy it with them I think it’s best to hold off until the traveling comes to a stop and the person is ready to put forth more effort and energy into their family life.

I have heard of and seen many couples breakup for this very reason. It’s not easy. And most of the time the breakup isn’t even something that was wanted but inevitable. In these cases I often find people wanting to know how to get back together. How to make the relationship work. What they have to do and say to make the relationship work this time.

Luckily for those couples who have broken up there are a few relationship experts who have a great answer for this question. Relationship experts Michael Fiore and T.W. Jackson are the leading breakup experts on this topic and have helped thousands of people unite, and refind their lost spark. They both have programs that a man or woman can follow in order to make their situation right again.

One of my favorite sites, resparkhisheart.org, has two great, full and in-depth reviews on both of these programs that covers all the information you might need to learn whether or not this is something you’d like to try. The website is run by Ryan Hart and is one of the most reliable individuals online when it comes to helping women find simple solutions to their breakup problems.

If you want more information on these two programs mentioned above, make sure to check out Ryans reviews of both. You can check out Michael Fiore’s “Text Your Ex Back 2.0″ program review here, and you can also check out T.W. Jacksons “The Magic of Making Up” ebook review here.

Make sure to check them both out and let me know your thoughts!

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Beginner Guitar Tips

Simple Tips for the Newbie Guitarist

hot chick with guitarHave you been interested in wanting to learn how to play the guitar?

If so, do stick around, because in this short article, I’ll share some super simple guitar tips and tricks on ways to achieve this.

From the conclusion of this column, I expect you are going to have a better idea of the guitar and whether or not it is something you truly want to pursue.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

First of all, you should begin by learning guitar chords.

Obviously, I’m assuming that you’re already knowledgeable about some aspects of the guitar and have hopefully picked one up before and learned to play a solid tune.

When I first started playing my biggest difficult was chords. I hated them. Absolutely hated the way my fingers felt after practice and how bad the sound was when trying to play the chords.

As a new player chords will be extremely difficult and painful at first. They are even going to sound bad since the notes probably won’t ring out as well as they should when you’re first trying.

But don’t despair because the more your fingers develop callouses the easier playing them will become. My biggest problem was that I stopped practicing these and never really got good at them. This was a big problem later on for me since many songs require the use of chords and being able to freely move between one chords to the next will be absolutely necessary.

So the best advice here is to get your basic chords down to the point that you can freely move between them.

I’ll also advise that you learn how to read guitar tabs as well. Most songs use a form of tablature that if you know how to read, will help you to play your favorite songs easily.

Tabs are in other words, a shortcut to playing music without having to figure it out by ear.

Tablatures are just a form of musical notation that will tell you exact finger placements, chords, and note duration so you will know how a song is supposed to be played.

Tabs are available all throughout the web, and can easily be found on: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/.

Understanding how to read tabs isn’t hard. As an example, check out this image:


In the figure above, each line corresponds to a specific guitar string starting from lowest to highest.

The numbers you see are the frets that each note is played on the guitar.


As long as you can understand this, you can understand how to read tablature and play any song you find in the website I listed above.

Don’t get me wrong though not all tablature is this simple, but as a beginner you won’t have to worry about the more advanced stuff.

Training With Uncomplicated & Simple Tunes

If you want to be a guitar god you have to start from the ground up. You have to start with simple songs that will allow you to build your skills in a progressive manner.

If you try and jump to more advanced songs from the beginning, you may eventually learn how to play them, but you won’t fully understand what it is you’re doing.

Make sure to start small and work your way up.

Challenge yourself to learn a new song a month and you won’t go wrong.

I hope these simple pieces of advice have helped you on your way to becoming a kick ass guitar player.


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Simple Guitar Tips for New Guitar Players

Axe Zen Guitar LessonsThere is a reason why the music industry has skyrocketed lately. With the introduction of iPods, iPhones and MP3 players, music has become more accessible now than ever.

People, unlike before, now have the ability to stream and post their own videos and music on the web for millions of people to listen to, critique, and enjoy.

This form of socialization amongst at home musicians gives a chance for even your newbie home guitarist to have the potential to reach their own unique demographic and audience.

This is how many, otherwise, unknown musicians have become over night sensations and have literally become internet celebrities due to this ability to share their creations with others on YouTube.

Artists like Keith merrow, Bulb from Periphery, and many others have used this outlet to start their own music careers without the need for traditional music education and having to rely on the music industry to get their music out there.

With this outlet, there is no question about it that Guitarists are now receiving more recognition now than ever. And for anyone, who has a lick of talent or wants to get good enough to be able to write their own songs, this is most certainty a way to do it. You can find some of The Very best Guitar Training For Beginners on Axezen

But of course, as with anything you will have to have enough experience in order to generate a following of people interested in your music.

Many beginner guitar players think they can simply upload a video of themselves and people will like it. This is simply not the case. You have to have some degree of experience or else nothing you put on the web is going to gain any recognition.

There is no question that the guitar is one of one of the most well-liked musical instruments today. This is why it’s not unusual to see people at parks, on the streets, shopping centers or at schools playing for other peoples enjoyment.

This is also why so many musical institutes are comprised of guitar players over any other instrument that’s out there.

Even the internet is loaded with a countless number of lessons from experienced and competent guitar players often teaching others what they know for free. Learning How to Play the Electric & Acoustic Guitar can be one of the most exhilarating experiences so make sure to get on it.

These guitar tutorials offer a variety of lessons varying from novice lessons which instruct the basics of the guitar, to progressive and advanced players to complete expert sessions that educate those into refining their skills into mastery.

Unfortunately, there are many hack players who are only seeking the attention and sought after “fame” that most people dream about and don’t actually have a passion for the instrument itself.

It’s usually these one-off’s that don’t succeed and end up packing their guitar up and never playing it again.

Guitar lessons that you can find online though are one of the best ways to go if you are looking to get some solid lessons and training.

You’ll learn many of the techniques that will “fancify” your training like hammer-ons, sliding, bending, palm muting, harmonics and pinch harmonics and so on.

So if you’re looking for a solid way to start advancing your skills and abilities you can either start looking for traditional trainers, seek out random lessons you can find online and teach yourself, or jump on a website that offers you structured guitar lessons at killer prices that are more than worth it if you’re serious.

So make sure to do your google research and get started. The world needs more musicians who are serious and have a real desire to express themselves through their instruments.

Until next time, keep on rockin!

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Using a Real Estate Investor Instead of a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Selling A House on the Market Is Hard

Real estate investor

The real estate market is slowing down at an increasing rate. It is far from what it used to be just a few short years ago.

A lot of market specialists are certain when it involves the future of southern california real estate, that things will eventually bounce back, yet you are not in the future, and present day circumstances might lead the more logical person to different conclusions about the future of real estate in california.

So it’s important to realize that right now you will have to do what is best for you; especially when you need to sell your home fast. Doug Van Soest’s vansoestrealestate.com we BUY Houses Website can really help in this respect.

This short article is about offering your house as quick as possible and getting the best value for your home and the # 1 choice that you need to pay attention to and research in order to rapidly get a killer offer on your residence in So cal; which is, of course, to use a real estate investor.

Typical Real Estate Agents And The Difficulty They Bring to the Table

I have absolutely nothing against real estate agents, considering the fact that I use them still and so does my family.

The problem with real estate agents though is that Realty representatives cannot assure you that your residence will sell. All they do is check out what houses around you cost then they do some really easy advertising and marketing and they hope that somebody makes an offer on the house.

Similarly, there are days when you will not get any offers on your house and regrettably, real Estate agents cannot make you any kind of guarantee on whether your house is goign to sell.

Peoples homes can easily sit on the market for 100 days or more if they haven’t taken the necessary steps prior to show their home in an attractive way to potential buyers.

So make sure to check out this Home Buying Website at VanSoestRealEstate.com/sell-your-southern-california-house if you happen to be having trouble yourself.

You Must Utilize An Investor if You Want to Sell Quickly

So exactly how do you use a real estate investor? Have you seen those signs around your local area that read something like “We Buy Houses For Cash”? Those signs are indications of a real estate investing business. With these investors you do not need to wait for them to obtain a home loan, you do not need to pay any type of fee; you simply sell your home to these people and they pay you cash for it.

It’s really that simple. You can get more info on this Simple Process to Selling Your House for Cash at: VansoestRealEstate.com/how-selling-your-house-works

Just what Occurs When You Do not Use An Investor

If you do not use a real estate investor, your house is most likely going to sit on the market for a few months before someone comes along and wants to buy it. This is a really dampening process since you’ll likely need to sell it quick to move on with your life. But this isn’t always possible when you use a real estate investor and put your house on the real estate market.

It is however possible when using a real estate investor. It is saddening being stuck to a house you have to market that doesn’t sell immediately yet this is your most likely end result if you do not take use of a real estate investor.




Exactly what have we discovered above? I assume that we have discovered a useful alternative to selling your home; you could promptly market your home with a traditional real estate agent and likely wait months for your house to sell. Or, simply get in touch with a real estate investor and let them buy your house and pay you cash in less than one month guaranteed. The choice is yours and I highly recommend you further do research into real estate investors. And to find an investor with a good reputation that can guarantee you some great results.

Do your homework and I wish you the best of luck in selling your southern california property.


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Simple Real Estate Solutions

real estate propertyFor many individuals, having their own home is quite an accomplishment in ones life.

It suggest stability and independence and implies a life achievement. Like any other valuable endeavor, there are certain actions you should take before you finalize on the purchase of your new property.

Getting a house is no easy task, yet if you adhere to these 7 actions, you could take several of the inconvenience from the procedure and make the buying process as smooth as possible.

You can also just click here if you happen to have a house you need to sell: Doug Van Soests All Cash Online Quote to Get a free online quote if you actually just need to get rid of a piece of property.

When looking for a home you will be required to make certain decisions on exactly what you wish and require in your home and area. Making a list of exactly what you do (and do not) really want makes home and area options much easier for you and your real estate agent. For your agent, your “want list” allows them to find the right house suitable for you and your family and will take this list into heavy consideration when looking for properties.

After this you will need to make sure that you qualify for your house in the first place and have the ability to procure the proper documents necessary in order to complete the transaction. You will need to either be preapproved to buy a house or prequalify. If you’re serious about buying you do not want to wait on this process and will need to do it as quickly as possible because when you are preapproved and prequalified home owners are likely to take your offer more seriously since it is more likely the house will sell with a positive credit history.

(Being preapproved is preferred compared to being prequalified since it indicates you have actually been reviewed and your history checks out which is highly attractive to lenders and home owners since they will know you are a reliable buyer.)

Third, begin searching for a suitable home for your family. In between you and your real estate agent, locating a residence should not be that big of a problem unless your surrounding area doesn’t have houses that interest you.

Since you should already know what it is you’re looking for, how much you can afford, and what you can offer, your real estate agent will be able to help you narrow down your choice.s

4th, it’s time for you to make a deal on a residential property. This, you ought to refrain from doing alone and should seek the advice of your realtor. With your broker, you must look at other homes in the surrounding area and what those house have sold for. This will give you a good idea of the neighborhood value of your home and what is realistic to offer the owner.

Sometimes owners ask too much for their home and don’t always get what they want. So you don’t have to feel pressured in paying a price that is unrealistic in the current state of the economy.


At this point, your representative will be able to prepare an agreement to present to the homeowner and depending on their decision, they will decide to accept or decline.

If the homeowner has any reservations about your offer it will be up to them to counter-offer what you presented to them. This will then be given to you by your realtor and you can make a decision if you want to pay the negotiated price. If not, the homeowner will be out a sell that could have gone through.

After you’ve gone through all the steps you are well on your way to becoming a new homeowner. Once the offer has been made and accepted the house will then need to go through an inspection which will then lead to escrow.

Escrow can last anywhere from 30 to 45 days and will depend on the requirements the homeowner has prior to you moving in. This gives them chance to move themselves or find a suitable home in which to move into.

If you happen to be looking to sell your home one of the Better Real Estate Investment Websites can be found at that link and you will be given all the info you need to move forward on the sell of your home.

Action 7, the last action, is the closing itself.

In this phase of the procedure, the owner of the home will have to be moved out and hand the keys over to you. At this point the sale of the home is final and you will have become the new owner of the house.

Make sure to discuss with your agent anything else that will need to be done prior to make the purchase of your new home. There may be little nuances here and there you will have to deal with but you should be aware of these if you have already gone through the inspection process and have checked and cleared everything else.

I hope this has helped and best of luck to your buying your new home and become a home owner. If you’d like more information on Doug, you can check out Doug’s Vimeo, which some client testimonials here: http://www.dailymotion.com/SoCalHomeBuyers


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