Be an Expert in Security Systems with Check Point Security Training

Check Point offers one of the most robust protections against various types of online security threats. The Check Point tools enable organisations to maximise their security effectiveness while at the same time lowering their security costs. Companies do not have to pay fortunes in order to ensure a secure online security infrastructure to protect their assets.  The tools also reduce security complexity. It is a simple solution with very robust security implications for any organisation that deploys Check Point. Through Checkpoint security training courses, security administrators are able to obtain expertise and security certifications delivered by industry leading Check Point Security experts.

Checkpoint Security Training

Check Point Security training programs are delivered in concert with Authorised Training Centres found globally. New Horizons is one of the training partners that delivers top quality and highly regarded Check Point security programs. In these training centres, delegates can get comprehensive technical training as well as certifications which will equip the IT professionals with the skills and expertise for managing Check Point Security Solutions.

Checkpoint Security training can open many pathways to career success in IT security. The IT security solution is used by the Fortune 500 companies as well as many other leading global brands.  There are many benefits that can be obtained by becoming a Check Point certified IT professional. The delegate will get important skills that will enable them to support and also sell Check Point products. The training also gives the delegate a 2-year expert access to the Check Point SecureKnowledge database as well as Check Point advanced product documentation.

Getting Started with Check Point

In order to receive the benefits of the Certification, a user will first need a PartnerMap or the Check Point UserCenter account. There are various Check Point certifications that a user can obtain an accredited training centre. These include the following:

  • Check Point Security Administration R77
  • Check Point Security Engineering R77

The Check Point Security Administration R77

This course will equip you with the requisite skills to advance your knowledge in the use of the GAiA operating system. Through this course program, the user will learn various concepts that they will need in order to start up with Check Point including how to manage and configure daily operations in the security tool’s Security Gateway. There are various skills that you will acquire from this certification. These include the following:

  • Learn the installation of the security gateway in distributed environments;
  • Learn how to configure the rules on both the web as well as the Gateway servers;
  • You will be able to create the basic rule base via the SmartDashboard and also assign permissions;
  • Learn the scheduling of backups as well as how to carry out seamless upgrades with very minimal downtimes;
  • Get the skills on the monitoring and troubleshooting IPS as well as the common network traffic.

Check Point Security Engineering R77

With this certification, you will learn how you can troubleshoot the Check Point security systems. The delegates will learn various skills such as the building, modification, deployment and troubleshooting of the security systems on the GAiA operating systems. During the training, the delegate studies the firewall processes as well as user and kernel processing. Users will be able to configure security gateways, perform advanced firewall troubleshooting and implement VPNs. This certification is suited for network engineers, support analysts, and system administrators.

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