Why cremation is common in Perth funerals

According to a report by Australian funeral directors association, every year, there is an estimated 125,000 number of deaths recorded in Australia with a projected 160,000 deaths annually by 2019. Also, the number of cremations is steadily increasing with an approximated 65,000 cremation annually. This is slightly above 50% of the recorded deaths ending up in cremation. But the figure can go up to 70%, especially in areas where cremation facilities are present. The reason for the steady increase in the cremation practice as a means to disposition has outweighed the traditional methods as it carries immense benefits with them. This article focuses on the reasons why Perth funerals today are increasing, employing cremation as an option of disposition.



 A common misconception when it comes to cremation is that it eliminates the need for Perth funerals services, which is very untrue.  Cremation is just a means to dispose of the body of the deceased and therefore, should not affect a funeral service.  In fact, cremation offers flexibility for the family when it comes to memorial service as a service can be held at a time that suits the family best. Also with the vast geography of Australia, getting the family together for a service will definitely require planning. Thus, a post cremation service allows for travel arrangements to be made. Also, you can easily find Perth funerals services that offer flexibility to members when it comes handling of cremation ashes. They can keep the cremated remains, scatter ashes or even bury the remains. Perth Cremations and Funerals


 Opting to cremate a body other than burying it is proven to be much cheaper. This is because costs such as embalming, cosmeticizing and even the costs for the caskets become automatically eliminated. All that is needed is cremation urns and interment for the remains in the memorial garden, thus definitely a cheaper route.  With the tough economic times in Australia today, services of cheap funerals Perth firms provide are an option that many would want to consider. Reduced cost of cremations is greatly influencing the decision by families to do cremation.


Currently, the need to constantly customize identity has been a trend among people all over the world in things like clothing, and now the craze has caught up with the funerals. Cremation offers a great platform for personalization. They offer options for unique Perth funerals to be conducted. What’s even better today is that people have diverged from the traditional methods of keeping ashes in mantelpieces or crematorium memorial gardens to exploring unique options like ash scattering, which is increasingly becoming popular with an array of options to choose from like blasting ashes into space, making them into fireworks or even dividing portions and keeping some.

 The benefits of cremation are massive to both the deceased as well as the bereaved. Cheap funerals in Perth are made possible by cremation, as a lot is saved on the funeral expenses. They also offer great flexibility and unique means of send off that is personalized, and a reflection of the personality of the deceased. http://www.perthcremationswa.com.au/perth-funerals/

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